Jan 252011

I’ve gotten into making my own PCBs so I had to get some drill bits. The folks over at drill bit city are really nice and I picked up a good assortment of new and used (cheap!) carbide bits. I even got some router bits just in case I want to get into CNC PCB manufacture.

I expect to break a lot of bits.

Maybe I should have made an unboxing video?

What you get in the PCB starter kit. 

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Jan 122011

McGuckin Hardware had Christmas lights on closeout the other day and I picked up five boxes of these lights for $2.50 each! They seem pretty similar to the GE lights, but I don’t have the controller. These are just extension strands.

Here’s what I’ve learned:
1. The ribbed wire on these lights is POSITIVE unlike the GE strands where the ribbed wire is negative.
2. Hooking the strand up backwards draws upwards of 2 Amps. 
3. They don’t respond to the same protocol as the GE lights. I get some random flickering, but no joy.
Does anyone have a controller for these lights or more information? If I had a controller I could snoop the lines with a logic analyzer. The protocol has to be somewhat similar the one used by the GE lights. Contact me! 
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