Jul 192010

I implemented a textbook FFT on the Arduino last night using regular floating point math. It’s not as slow as you would think. The arduino can do a 64 point FFT on a complex signal in only 25 ms. If you’re looking at a real signal, you can get the FFT in only 16 ms. That’s pretty good! You can do a 32 band spectrum analyzer that runs at 50 Hz without resorting to fixed point math or assembly language.

I threw together a quick and dirty color organ implemented with a 16 sample FFT. I’ll post a video shortly.

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Jul 112010

The Aspen Mini Maker Faire was a hit. Lots of interested folks came around and Phoebe had a good time explaining optimal estimators and the navigation scheme used in Tobor.

I saw this piece of art on the Gondola Plaza and looked up the artist when I got home: Mark Wallinger.

Amerika is supposed to be a reference to Goethe and Kafka, but I think the artist has forgotten the 1987 Kris Kristofferson miniseries by the same name.

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